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Play the solid Caro-Kann Like a Grandmaster!

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GM Swapnil & GM Shyam Camp August - 2020

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"I would like to congratulate Swapnil for starting his academy Chess Pathshala. His work during the chess olympiad 2018 was amazing. He is very dedicated and creative in finding new ideas"
GM Humpy Koneru
"Working with Swapnil Sir has led to the improvement of my Endgame technique. He helped me to improve my visualization in the middlegame so that I can calculate deeper"
GM Raunak Sadhwani
"Swapnil is a very positive, genuine, dedicated and hard-working trainer. He has started 'Chess Pathshala' and I am sure he will be a wonderful trainer for many upcoming kids. They can take his guidance and training to achieve their goals."
GM Harika Dronavalli
"Swapnil Sir identified the weakness in my game and helped me overcome them. He helped me improve my calculation skills and also the confidence in my own abilities."
IM Sankalp Gupta
"Swapnil has a strong understanding of the game and is always positive. He helped me with my opening preparation and decision making. Working with Swapnil helped me enhance my opening repertoire, gain confidence to handle various middlegame & time management issues!"
IM Soumya
"Swapnil Sir has a practical and personal approach towards training. Thanks to his psychological tips I feel more confident now!"
IM Harshit Raja